Who can become a Lender in Easycash?

Indonesian citizen (Indonesian citizen) at least 18 years old. For Indonesian citizens, having the validity of their identity will be proven through the ID card and Bank Account in Indonesia.

In addition to KTP, can you use another identity card to become a Lender in Easycash?

Terms and conditions of being a Lender through an original KTP document, currently unable to use other documents such as SIM, Passport and other identity cards.

How do you register as a Lender in Easycash?

Download the application "Easycash" on both iOS and Android. After that you can verify your cellphone number and you will get an OTP code via SMS.

Loan Distribution

How do you channel loans on Easycash?

After going through the registration process, you can enter the nominal loan you want to channel, then choose a borrower that fits your criteria. After that, you can immediately transfer in accordance with the nominal you want to channel through the official Easycash channel.

What are the official channels for lending on Easycash?

Distribution of loans can be done through a BCA Virtual Account (VA) or manually transferring to a BCA escrow account from Easycash. Distribution through an escrow account must attach proof of payment and required information via email to or contact our customer service for more information.


Is there a minimum / maximum transfer limit with the method of channeling the funds?

The minimum transfer applies to manual transfers with a nominal value of Rp. 100,000. At present there is no maximum transfer limit for loan distribution at Easycash.

How long will the fund be updated to my account?

For VA BCA, funds will be updated in real time. As for manual transfers, funds will be received 1x24 hours after confirming our Customer Service.

After the top up process is successful, will I get a return?

Not yet, when you have successfully channeled funds to Easycash, the funds you channeled will enter your account balance on Easycash. You can choose the product you want to channel the loan. If your loan portfolio is successful, you can get a return according to the product agreement you choose.


What is the Easycash application? Why can Easycash channel loans? Easycash is a peer-to-peer lending platform that has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) managed by PT Indonesia Fintopia Technology. As a p2p lending platform, Easycash provides services for lenders and loan recipients.

Is there a fee for channeling loans on Easycash?

Easycash does not collect any fees from the Lender.

Is it safe to become a Lender in Easycash?

A. Yes, as a platform that has been registered and supervised by OJK, Easycash conducts an analysis process of prospective loan recipients with a self-evolving machine learning credit system running more than 6,000 features and more than 10 types of scenario analysis that can reflect the overall credit conditions of borrowers . Easycash provides transparent information that can be accessed through features available on the Easycash application.

After being registered as a Lender, can I register as a Loan Recipient using the same identity and information?

Sorry for the inconvenience, for security reasons you cannot be registered in the Loan Provider and Loan Recipients with the same identity.