Why Borrow From Easycash


We are delighted to partner with these business that support our vision.


  • 3 Mins Eligibility Check

    Underwriting process will be done automatically through our advanced system in very short time.

  • Funds Arrive Within 24 Hrs

    Anytime requested, our system will proceed and offer 24 hours money transfer service.

  • Easy and Convenient Loan

    Apply the loan only with cellphone and Identity card within 5 mins.

  • No hidden fees

    You can find every detail rates in Easycash app. Except that we don't charge any more.



Download Easycash from app store and fill out the Application

Credit Check

System will automatically check the information you provided


Once the loan application is approved. Funds will be deposited to your linked bank account


Follow the repayment instruction in the app, and pay the bill on time to keep good credit